Welcome to my BLOG! I’m not new to blogs, but as an adult I really have never blogged. I’ve always found writing to be so cathartic for myself and especially as a way to deal with my anxieties and depression. If you couldn’t tell this blog is anonyms and that is for a reason. I’ve felt like even though I have a support system of a lot of really great people, I have a therapist, I still can’t seem to always get my thoughts and feelings out when I need to. That’s where this comes in. I also really like tea, I can’t drink coffee and I needed a cool name. It’s not cool, but it’s what came to mind, just go with it.

Brace yourselves but if you are here, and if you are reading – thank you. I am here to share my raw emotions and thoughts, from behind a dumb screen, possibly to no one at all. But this is necessary for my growth. So let’s get this thing started.


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